About Us
EasyPPSA is designed for people who need quick access to PPSA (Personal Property Security Act), Corporate Search, and Land-Title Search services across Canada. You can request searches and registrations in any province across Canada using your credit card, and without the need for a deposit account or User ID. Your credit card is charged for each request on our system and the results are emailed to you.
EasyPPSA is directly affiliated with PPSACanada.com. PPSACanada.com is available for individuals or corporations who require ongoing access to these services. It includes storage of all verifications and search results, easy to use data-entry screens and the ability to save frequently used information. If you require these services on an ongoing, monthly basis, please visit www.PPSACanada.com.
PPSACanada.com was first established as LIEN INC. in 1993 to provide desktop software applications to conduct PPSA searches and registrations electronically. Originally debuting as separate DOS applications, both have evolved to Windows based applications and now exist as an integrated Web Application accessible from a PC with an internet connection and Internet Explorer.
PPSACanada.com Acquires Equifax PPSA Division - February 2002
In February 2002, Equifax divested its interest in PPSA and their PPSA division was purchased by PPSACanada.com. We relocated our offices to their building and took on a number of their staff. In the process of acquiring their client base, we converted many from a manual fax-in method of requesting to submitting electronically on the web. To more efficiently service our vast client base we converted the old manual paper processes into an integrated document management and billing system that automates the processing of electronic requests start to finish.